Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Harrison's Sermon Notes

Harrison took very creative notes this past Sunday while we were watching a DVD by Jim Sammons called, "How To Keep Your Sons Pure".

Harrison named the first picture "Reclaiming Ground" (speaking of reclaiming the ground that Satan tried to take). The second picture is of a man driving a tractor and "Knocking Down Strongholds" (that Satan will build). The third picture is called "Temptation" and it is a little boy holding a Harry Potter magazine. Harrison and Sullivan aren't allowed to read Harry Potter books (popular books about a little wizard boy), but it must be a big temptation for sweet little Harrison!

Yesterday, Sullivan, Harrison, and I (Meredith) went to the library and Harrison later commented to me that he was very tempted to look at something he shouldn't have while we were there, but he remembered the lesson from the DVD the day before and he didn't. I asked him what it was, and he quickly replied, "a Harry Potter book!" His innocence is so precious.

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