Monday, September 10, 2012

School, Ice Cream, and Frogs

Sheridan became a full-fledged Kindergarten homeschooling student this year. 

We used to look forward to the first day of our homeschool year by doing something fun.  Although, when we began the farm five years ago, it seems life became so hectic that we lost some of our earlier traditions.  I was so happy to surprise my precious three homeschooling students this year with a first-day-of-school treat to enjoy with their older brothers: a trip to the movies! 
 As excited as the younger kids were to go to a movie (a very rare treat), I was especially blessed to feel like some of our former, more orderly life was returning.

Our family is crazy about ice cream.  
All vehicles are always stocked with plastic spoons and cups so that, at a moment's notice, we can run into a grocery store and buy a half gallon of ice cream to share among the passengers. 
 Thursdays around our house are synonymous with "Half Price Banana Split Day at Bruster's" and we see to it that an errand forces us by one of their locations each week 
on Thursday, no doubt.  
MooThru is another ice cream store that our van can't see to pass by without stopping.  
It's a good thing that Moo Thru isn't on our regular circuit of errand running or we'd surely overdose from too much ice cream in our diets.

We were excited to enjoy a rare treat of going out to lunch as a family and join in the long lines of supporters on Chick-fil-A Day in August.  To show our support, we even ordered big meals and milk shakes - something we rarely do because of the expense. 
Sheridan's first haircut
While a store in the mall was having a "free haircut" promotion, Sheridan enjoyed getting her first haircut where she had about a half inch trimmed off the length.  
She surely felt like it made quite a difference even if her brothers didn't seem to notice it.

Sheridan's interests are increasingly influenced by the all boy siblings in our home.  It was most evidenced when she pleaded with me to let the pet frogs she had been lovingly caring for join her for her bath.  
I gave her several reasons why it wouldn't be advisable to bathe with frogs but eventually I was persuaded to allow the excursion.

One of the terms of agreement was that a "lily pad" Rubbermaid lid be available for the frogs when they became exhausted from the continuous swimming.