Joy's Book

Through the Valley of Weeping

Expressions from a Christian Woman's Journal During Her Season of Multiple Miscarriages

"When they walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs, where pools of blessing collect after the rains!” Psalm 84:6

    My husband and I surrendered control of our family size to God in May of 2000, reasonably expecting that He would give us many children – and He did! Not in the way we expected, however. These children await us on the other side. To say that the road we have traveled with God has been painful physically, emotionally and spiritually is an understatement. But while on this journey, God has proven to be so much more wonderful than we ever imagined possible. He is a faithful Comforter, worthy of our trust.

    What you are about to read has been compiled from a series of journal entries recorded during the years in which we lost seven babies through miscarriage. By no means did I anticipate that my thoughts would be made public. Nevertheless, as I have come into contact with ladies whose lives are overshadowed by the dark cloud of losses, it has become my heart’s desire to offer comfort possibly found in the sharing of our experiences as we passed through the Valley of Weeping. It is my prayer that you, dear friend, will see the faithful hand of God throughout the trials and that you might come away refreshed by the power and love of our mighty Savior, Jesus Christ.   Blessings, JOY Alexander                  

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