Friday, April 22, 2011

The Snicker Bar Tradition

Sheridan joins in the
Alexander Family Snicker Bar Tradition

I don't know when the Snicker Bar Tradition first began but it seems it has been part of our family for as long as I can remember.

When our children reach the age where they are brave enough to put their head under water, they receive as their reward an entire Snicker bar to enjoy all by themselves.

I always cringe as I watch my preschoolers eat a whole candy bar but I can testify that it is the only time they do so until they're in their preteens
(or without their mother observing!).

The tradition gained momentum when Nikki, a neighbor friend who became such a wonderful blessing to our family, was encouraged to compete for a Snicker bar of her own.

Nikki was a few years older than Meredith and since her hard-working, single mother wasn't able to be home during the day, Nikki became part of our lives as we enjoyed taking her with us to the pool, beach, church, and even family vacations.

She was always filled with laughter, love for the younger children, and appreciation for the smallest of things.

I remember my excitement when coordinating the holiday parties as the room mother for Nikki's third grade class. I also vividly remember a time when Nikki was in her early teens and she, so uncharacteristically, got angry with me and slammed the door to the bedroom where she stayed when visiting with us.

As a mother with toddlers and elementary aged children, I didn't know quite what to do about her defiant display but was certain some action should be taken. Wanting to rid Nikki of similar future outbursts, I decided on what I thought might be an appropriate discipline and insisted she slam the door 100 times until she was completely free from her door-slamming desire.

After only a few slams, Nikki's tender heart broke although I insisted the prescribed remedy for future outbursts be met.

I'll never forget the confused look on Timmy's face when he arrived that evening and instead of entering a peaceful, happy home, he stood speechless as one young lady was crying and slamming the door repeatedly while the 30-something mom was counting,
"Fifty-five, fifty-six..."

Nikki is now in her mid-twenties with children of her own yet she will always hold such a special place in our hearts. Recalling that she, as a preteen, and Oliver, as a toddler, earned their Snicker bars at the same time serves as yet one more precious recollection of my younger years as a mother.

I hope I will never forget the memories God has allowed me to make with these polliwogs He has so graciously sent into my life.

Nikki, Meredith, and Oliver

Past Inductees in the Alexander Snicker Bar Tradition