Friday, August 31, 2012

A Wonderful Chance To Relax

 Whereas we used to plan on an annual family vacation, now that we farm, it is never assumed that we'll be able to leave home for any length of time. This year the Lord surprised and blessed us with two outstanding farm interns that made a trip possible.

We drove down to Vero Beach, Florida and stayed at a beautiful resort, which we already had made many sweet memories at during the summer of 2005.

Since Stephen was in Afghanistan, we were so blessed to have 
Meredith and Margaret join us as well.

I bought a new beach Yankee Candle (our favorite!) for us to enjoy in our condo.
A collection of inspiring magazines to enjoy during the lazy vacation days

Sheridan and Meredith helping Margaret jump waves

Margaret is a beach-loving girl, just like her Mama!
The sand didn't bother her the least bit and thankfully she wasn't interested in trying to eat it. 
Elliott, Timmy, Sulli, and Oliver enjoying pizza at the resort
"Uncle Bubba", as he has requested to be called (he thinks she will learn this name more quickly than his real name), has a loving heart toward Margaret Alice.
After a few days at the beach, we headed to Disney World 
for the next leg of our trip! 

The Alexander family traditional "Honk if you're happy we're going to Disney" brought about many honks from other travelers.
We stayed in another familiar resort - Disney's Old Key West Resort - which is where we stayed during a previous trip in the summer of 2004. 

Magic Kingdom
Margaret's first time on the carousel

The Jungle Cruise
Watching someone blow bubbles with Nana Joy
Everyone gets fiercely competitive at this laser-shooting game.

Sheridan lost her very first tooth at Disney.

Farmerdaddy and Margaret
Margaret's first "big ride" with Farmerdaddy

Margaret and Meredith watched while everyone else went on a 
water rapids ride. 

Waiting for the parade to begin.
Margaret stayed up very late one night for the light parade. She is sleepily sucking her thumb while watching the bright lights pass by.

Another night we enjoyed the fireworks show.

Mere and I both altered inexpensive gowns so that the little girls could
 dress as princesses one day.

Margaret appears to be thinking, "Daddy, save me from this silliness!"
Sweet Sheridan truly believes that the characters are really who they are dressed to be, so she is so very excited when she gets to meet one.

Goofy even asked Sheridan to dance.  She was thrilled.

A sleepy little princess

On our final evening in Disney, we strolled Disney's Boardwalk and went to another fireworks show.

We returned to Vero Beach for a few final days of welcomed beach relaxation after the hustle bustle of four days of park hopping!

Margaret was such a sweet traveler.

Playing "Skip-Bo", a family favorite, in our condo
More fun on the beach (Elliott and Oliver are fishing)

Elliott showing Margaret a fish he caught
We had a lot of fun in the resort's pool. 

Sheridan won a medal for being the fastest young girl on the waterslide! 
She didn't actually know she was sliding during a competition until afterward.
Margaret apparently had an audience of strangers as she was showing off her brave dunking skills!
We had such a great time and made many sweet memories.

Roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores - what fun.

What a tremendous blessing Margaret Alice is!  


Relaxed and grateful for God's goodness to allow us to enjoy a
 family vacation