Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Week

Monday was Harrison's 7th birthday!He requested a chocolate cake with white icing so everyone would be surprised when they sliced into the vanilla-appearing cake and found chocolate.
Harrison loves Indiana Jones and most of his presents were with an Indiana Jones theme. He requests to be called "Indy" instead of Harrison, but the older boys and Daddy insist on calling him "Cindy Anna Jones". He gets SO very indignant and exclaims that he is just as strong and "manly" as Elliott and Oliver, which just eggs on Daddy and the big boys to continue joking him. :)

After Harrison's birthday lunch, we left for our NC house and spent Tuesday playing at the beach there. Sheridan loves playing in the sand and on the water's edge...We came home Wednesday in time for the afternoon milk delivery and spent most of Thursday processing chickens. We were so blessed to have Oma here on Wednesday-Friday. She helps so much with cleaning and keeping the inside in order while we are out killing chickens. Also, an agent called with very short notice to ask if she could view our house, so it was wonderful that Oma had just spent most of the day cleaning it for us!


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