Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Doughnuts

Our children, Elliott and Oliver especially, are absolutely crazy about doughnuts.
It's very rare that we ever buy them but when we do, my oh my, they just love them!
A recent copy of Hobby Farm Home had an article on doughnut-making and Oliver looked it over and said how easy it would be for me to make homemade yeast doughnuts.
The magazine sat in the basket for quite some time before I felt energetic enough to give it a try but this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity.
The first hour devoted to the project was spent the night before simply making the dough.
On Saturday morning, what I thought would be another half hour investment in the doughnut-making venture, turned into an additional 3 hours.
Frying, making fillings, and icings....whew! I thought they'd never be done.
About the time everyone came in from morning milking, the doughnuts were finally ready. Timmy asked how I planned on storing them to keep them fresh until they were all eaten.
As it turns out, we didn't need to worry about finding a way to keep them fresh
till they were all eaten!
This picture is to help me never forget that homemade yeast doughnuts, from start to
"big clean-up finish", take 4 hours.
I told the kids I hoped they enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you can just make Cake Donuts with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top! They looked delicious though!


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

You are much braver than I. If the boys like them so much, give them the kitchen and say go to it. That's what I do with my son. If you like it, watch me make it and then you'll always know how.

I wait till the hot light is on at Krispy Kreme and make the pilgrimage for their donuts and their lemon filled.
They don't' last the day.

Maddie said...

WOW! Those look crazy good!!!!!

Veronica said...

I made them ONCE!! LOL!! And vowed to never do it again :)! But I will share that you can get a doughnut pan from Wilton that makes yummy substitutes! I found a chocolate baked recipe that has quickly become a family favorite! The only take about 5 minutes to mix up and then 6-8 minutes to bake! So much better than the 3 hours! And you don't have to fry them (another plus!).

Michelle W. said...

As a child, I can remember my parents making homemade doughnuts.They usually kept it simple though and just coated them in powdered sugar or cinnamon/sugar and they always made them at night. For us, it was a once a year tradition and always included my grandparents. I'm sure it was a lot of work for my parents, but doughnuts still bring back happy memories for me! :-)

Sarah said...

A really easy opption is to cut up canned biscuits and fry them in hot oil. Once they are finished (it takes like 5 minutes) you can coat them with powdered sugar. . Super easy and fast!

Davi Parker said...

Those are my all time favorite doughnuts! Do you happen to still have the recipe? I can't find mine. :(

Elliott Alexander said...

I am afraid we misplaced our recipe, Davi. We probably were following it off of