Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

This was the first year that Sheridan got excited about Valentine's Day.
She made a Valentine card especially for our farm delivery driver, who has always been so kind to her.
She worked hard cutting out of construction paper a big heart to glue on a smaller heart on which she lovingly scribbled indecipherable messages to Mr. Hendrick.
She prepared her card the night before so it would be ready when he arrived early on
Valentine's Day.
Sheridan had barely woken and come downstairs when I told her she would need to hurry if she wanted to deliver her card before Mr. Hendrick left.
As fast as she could, she grabbed her special card, threw on her coat and because it was raining, she tucked the Valentine safely next to her heart and held it between the snaps of her jacket.
I watched as she ran fast and then faster in the rain,
fearing he'd leave before she got to him.
Minutes later she returned, out of breath, but obviously relieved that she was successful in delivering her Valentine.
As the older boys came in later from milking, they said that she not only delivered the card earlier but also asked Mr. Hendrick if he would be her Valentine.
Characteristic of Mr. Hendrick, he returned from his deliveries with candy especially for his Valentine admirer.

Meanwhile, a rival for Sheridan's attention delivered a Valentine card of his own.
She was so excited to receive a big card from her daddy!

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