Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Pew Venture

Recently while stopping in the thrift store for a quick look-around, I saw some workers bringing a pew from the storage area in the back. I tapped the guy anxiously on the shoulder as he slowed to a stop, struggling under the weight of the heavy load, and asked if it was sold.

I've always thought it'd be great to have an old church pew as a deco piece but have never seen one for sale in my price range.

Out of breath, he looked at me and said it was for sale for $9.95. Before I could close my mouth in shock, he added that there were 10 more in the back.

I told him I'd buy it, it was sold, and to please not sell the others till I called my husband.

I immediately called Timmy and explained how beautiful the pews were, 12 1/2 feet long and solid oak. Knowing that I'd need full support if this venture would go any further, (since I can't move a 12 1/2 foot pew by myself!), I asked if Timmy was up for me buying all of them.

I really like this about Timmy - he has always encouraged my ventures even at his own laborious expense.
When we were newly married and I asked to open a maternity shop, he said okay. (A shop that would later threaten to take our home due to my unwise financial decisions.)
When I asked to become a childbirth educator and labor assistant, he said it'd be fine even though it meant he had to log many more hours watching little ones while I taught classes and attended births.
When I wanted to go to real estate school, he gave me his full support.
Timmy has encouraged me to pursue many different paths of interest which has given me a life so much fuller than I would have ever had as a career woman outside our home.
How blessed I am, all these years as a stay-at-home mom, because my husband has given me the gift of exploring one interest after another.
The pew venture is no exception.

It took 2 trips, an hour each way, with the older boys' help to get all the pews home. They were stored in the chicken processing area to be safe from the weather. But that meant that the older boys had to move all the processing equipment out into the yard for our last processing of the year since the pews were taking up all the space.

After about 2 months, the call came and the deal was made -a broker said he'd take all of them for $150 each. The trailer was loaded once again by Tim and the older boys, pews were transported to the new owner, a second trip with the remainder of the heavy load, then we
(not really "we" - I was only a bystander during the moving effort)
closed the chapter on the pew venture - but with a little money to add to the newly established vacation fund.
Hopefully the hard working men who joined me in my venture will reap the benefit of their labor one day when we take a nice, relaxing vacation.

"She finds a pew and buys it. Out of her earnings she plans a family vacation. Her husband and older sons rise to say they're exhausted from the heavy lifting..."
A very loose translation of a favorite proverb.

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Deb said...

Hi Joy ~ I SO enjoyed all the recent posts! When I read this pew adventure post I was ready to buy one from you...then as I kept reading I realized that you'd already sold them all! What a big profit you made from that work! I found one church pew at a yard sale years ago, but someone bought it one minute before I said I wanted it. Oh well. I enjoyed your story!