Monday, February 6, 2012

The Barn Dance

We had so much fun gathering with friends and family at the barn dance.
The festivities began with a greased-pig-catching contest.

Oliver was our arena worker and announced the age groups competing in each round.
Get ready, get set...

These girls weren't the least bit afraid to try to catch a greasy pig.

We turned a grain bin into a "corn pit" (similar to a large sand box) for the kids to enjoy.

Some moms and dads watching their kids play in the corn pit.

Sammie, our farm dog, loves events like this where she can make lots of new friends.Tim, Elliott, and Oliver smoked a hog for all of us to enjoy.

Our friends brought side dishes to go along with the pork.
People ate in the house, on the porch, in the barn loft, or anywhere they could find a seat.
My deco critics (Tim and the older boys) have always teased me for collecting old chairs and tables from thrift stores for my "picnic area" as I call it.
I was surely vindicated on this day when people took turns eating here because seating was so limited throughout the farm.
Since then I've purchased, with justifiable indignation, two more chairs for my picnic area and I hope to add many more to my collection before our next event.
After the meal, the dance began.
There is something beautiful about watching a group of people, both young and old, friends and strangers, laughing and having fun together.

I love this picture of a friend's little girl. Isn't she a precious?

After the dance, we enjoyed a concert with "Paid In Full." This band includes talented young men and their dads. As I listened to the beautiful praise songs, I was inspired to see these devoted fathers join their sons in what is actually their sons' ministry.
I have much admiration for these families where the dads are so dedicated to the encouragement and support of their young adult sons.We had a very talented guest who captured some great scenes around the farm.

It was such a fun day to spend with our friends and family. We are so grateful for the wonderful people God has put in our lives over the years.
They are an indescribable source of encouragement to us.

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