Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Update

We heard Chipotle was selling burritos for $2 to anyone dressed like someone or something from a farm. We didn't have any trouble at all finding something to wear- the greater difficulty was looking a little LESS like something off the farm after rushing to the restaurant right after the evening milking.

Sheridan dressed as one of our farm's worst predators - a skunk.

The switch of bedrooms finally was completed after Meredith took all her bedroom furniture to their new home in Georgia. We decided to put the younger boys in what was the girls' bedroom and put Sheridan in the boys' smaller room. It's a perfect size for Sheridan.

I just love personalized things. The beach bag with Sheridan's name was the only splurge in her new room. Most everything else was found around the house or at thrift stores.
The younger boys' room has given them so much more space to spread out.
I can't seem to leave behind these old-looking, cotton flags when I see them in thrift stores so they're appearing all over the house and farm.
The personalized nautical boat rings were crafted easily after seeing how expensive real boat rings were online. I took a couple of green styrofoam floral rings and wrapped them in white duct tape accented with royal blue tape. The boys' ship names (S.S. Sullivan and S.S. Harrison) were handwritten on the white tape.

The bookshelves that Meredith originally created have been great for the boys' many books and Lego creations now that they've moved into the girls' old room.

Here we are working on a new family picture - a story for another day.
(Will it ever feel like a family picture when the grown and married ones are not in it?)

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