Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had the best Thanksgiving ever as we were able to see so many in our extended family. We had our traditional delicious meal at my (Joy's) father and stepmother's.
4 Generations:Nana Joy, Meredith, Margaret, and Great Granddaddy Brickhouse

Stephen, Meredith, and Margaret all met us there, along with my mother who is so graciously invited by my stepmother and father to join us at their Thanksgiving celebration each year.
(What an example they are to so many with blended families. Rather than focus on the past, they look to the future and invite all the relatives who love the children and grandchildren to gather together and share in the happy Thanksgiving memories being made.)

Because Meredith and Stephen's visit would be short, we also drove to the other set of grandparents and chatted with them for a bit on Thanksgiving Day as well.

5 Generations:PaPa Alexander, Nannie, Meredith, Margaret, and Farmerdaddy

What a blessing Nannie (94) is to all who know her.

All the girls: Pat Pat, Sheridan, Nannie, Meredith, Margaret, and Joy

We loved spending time with this precious Hammer family!

Later during the holiday break we also enjoyed a visit from Tim's mom and dad, along with my (Joy's) mom and aunt.

Oma (Joy's mom) and Margaret

Nana (Joy's aunt) brought some toys for Sheridan that her children used to play with and she enjoyed helping Sheridan put one of the puzzles together.

This picture wasn't posed. I happened to walk into the room and saw these adoring uncles and a loving preschool aunt all immersed in the wonder of one little baby Margaret.

Stephen had to get back to work after Thanksgiving but we were blessed to enjoy an extended visit with Meredith and Maggie.
We have so much to be thankful for!

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