Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

Eighteen years ago today God blessed us with a wonderful baby whom we named Oliver. He has brought so much laughter and happiness into our lives.

Oliver's latest interest is making ice cream with the farm's organic, raw milk using our small commercial ice cream machine. We are loving being his taste-testers.

Sullivan wrote this poem, assuming the position of Oliver's ice cream salesman:

"Who wants to try some green bean flavored ice cream?

It's the newest on the menu, and as yucky as it may seem,

This green bean flavored ice cream makes you as strong as the Hulk,

And it's weight loss food too, so you can take off some bulk.

But better than that, it's affordable too.

And with organic ingredients, it's so good for you.

It can make you by far the best kid in school,

And policemen eat it while enforcing the rule.

It must be the very best flavor ever created.

I know that is true, I myself ate it.

And don't you start saying my skin has turned green,

And that my head is the shape of a bean.

Wait a second … Ow! Go call the doctor!

I'll send my complaint to Oliver, this dessert's concocter,

I knew this job as a salesman wouldn't work out,

And green bean flavored ice cream is something we could all do without."

Oliver picked the Texas Roadhouse for his birthday meal.

We couldn't resist secretly telling our waitress that we were celebrating Oliver's birthday. He didn't share our excitement when all the wait-staff suddenly gathered around him, insisting he get on the saddle so they could wish him a big "Yeehaw Birthday!"


Michelle, a heart at home said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!

That's a cute tribute that Sullivan wrote. But I have to admit that as much as my family enjoys ice cream, I don't think we'd like green bean flavor! ;-)

Graham Donahue said...

Happy Birthday! The poem was very funny too.

Tell everyone I said hello.


Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

Sullivan is quiet the poet :)

God Bless You All,

Maddie said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!!=)=)

Wow! green been ice cream?! that sounds......healthy?=\=)