Sunday, December 27, 2009

Alexander Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with relaxing, visiting, laughing, eating, opening gifts, and remembering Jesus' birth.
All four of the boys received laser tag guns:
Sheridan was given many sweet girly gifts. Unfortunately, she hasn't yet learned the importance of being thankful for all of her gifts. With great excitement, she began to open her final gift:
She immediately realized it was two replacement "woolies" ("Woolies" are satiny blankets that our mom sewed for each of us when we were newborns. Sheridan's original woolies are nearly in shreds from being carried around so much):
She was obviously expecting a toy. Her demeanor dropped drastically and she sadly exclaimed, "That's not a present!":
We spent Christmas Day visiting with many relatives. Sheridan helped Nannie open her present:
Sheridan with our grandmother:
A few days ago, Harrison, Sheridan, and I (Meredith) baked and decorated Christmas cookies. I was given cookie cutters on my birthday for my hope chest, but decided to use them early. :)
Harrison, who asks to be referred to as "The Fist", is convinced that he's the strongest "man" in our family, but still loves helping me with Christmas cookies each year. A few of the 10-12 year old girls from church planned a lovely Christmas Tea Party for the little girls a couple weeks ago. Sheridan had such a fun time and continues to talk about her tea party.

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