Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Barn Dance

(All photography courtesy of the Henderson family unless noted otherwise)The barn dance was a great success! Elliott and Oliver began planning a "Young Adult Barn Dance" a couple months ago and spent the past week clearing out the hay loft, wiring electricity, building an outhouse, constructing stairs to make the hay loft more accessible, and completing a host of other jobs in preparation for the big event. Their hard work paid off and approximately 125 old & new friends came out for the evening. After several days of pouring rain and dreary weather, the sun finally began to shine brightly and gloriously less than one hour before the first guests arrived. As friends came and eagerly awaited the square dance caller's arrival, a volleyball game took place in our front yard.Harrison watching the volleyball game...
I'm sure the cows must have been confused as to what was going on in their barn and why they weren't being milked until 9:30 pm!
Sweet Sheridan...Friends getting reacquainted... (Following three photos taken by Alexanders)Beth Nell, Kate, Maddie, and I...Kendal, Kelsey, and Erin...Mr. Henderson took some incredible pictures around the farm...
Everyone was invited to sign this board in our new farm store, which doubled as the snack and drink area... (Photos above and below taken by Alexanders) The girls brought something sweet to share, the guys brought something salty, and each family brought a drink, so three tables were filled with refreshments! After eating, everyone gathered in the hay loft for the dance.(Photos above and below courtesy of Micah)(Following two photos courtesy of the Henderson family)
After the dance caller left, some enjoyed roasting marshmallows around the bonfire while others continued to dance in the hay loft.
Thank you to all of our friends who made the long drive out to our farm to join us! To read more about the evening, check out the recent posts written by Oliver, Anna, Abigail, Rachel & Sarah, Allie, and Micah. Also, watch the video Elliott created here.


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