Sunday, August 9, 2009

Team Goochland vs. Team West End

In an attempt to boost our farmers market sales, we decided to add a little rivalry this week. Our two "teams" competed for the highest sales at each of our markets with the winner getting the prize of ice cream on the way home.

Elliott and Mama were "Team West End" because they worked at the West End Farmers Market:Oliver and I (Meredith) were "Team Goochland" because we worked at the Goochland Farmers Market: We both sold an assortment of our grass-fed poultry and pastured pork, as well as some sweet pickle relish we canned. At both markets, we offered raw milk, cheese, and yogurt to draw people to our booths. Oliver and I really wanted to attract people to our booth, so Oliver had the great idea to bring along two laying hens in some fencing. We've done that before at a few previous events and it never fails to draw a crowd of intrigued city folks. :)
Amazingly, when we totaled up our profits after the market, we found that we were within $2 of eachother! Team Goochland was the winner though, even if just by $2. ;) This is an especially surprising statistic considering that just a few weeks ago, there was an almost $300 difference between the two markets!
Oliver and I enjoyed our reward of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the way home. Mama and Elliott ended up treating themselves to Coffee Toffee ice creams on their way home also. :) We are looking forward to next week's competition!

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