Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 Year Anniversary

25 years ago today, Daddy and Mama were married!

From the "About Us" page of the Alexander Adventures website:

"Our paths first crossed in a school cafeteria where several families, along with Tim's, were temporarily assembling for worship while they worked to build a church nearby for the growing community of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, VA. On Christmas morning, 1977, Joy's family decided to attend church for the first time and because of God's mercy, Joy (age 12), her sister, and mother all accepted Christ the following Sunday morning with Joy's step-dad rededicating his life to Christ. Although Tim and Joy were in the same youth group, they only remember one conversation that took place during all those years. It involved a brand new "Ocean Pacific" shirt that Joy had saved her money to buy and was proudly wearing one Sunday. Timmy nonchalantly looked over at Joy and said, "My sister has that same shirt and when she washed it, the colors ran and it was ruined." From the beginning, Tim has always been one to say exactly what's on his mind! They both attended the same Christian high school their senior year and realized as the big year-end event, "The Jr/Sr Banquet", was approaching that neither of them had dates. Tim said he would have never thought to ask Joy to accompany him but he was encouraged by their English teacher and pastor's wife, Mrs. Dilda, to ask anyway. Joy excitedly said she'd love to be Tim's date for the evening. That evening turned into a summer of making many happy memories together. At summer's end they both decided they would head to Florida to attend college together at Pensacola Christian College. By mid-semester, both made calls informing their parents that they'd like to come home at the semester's end and begin planning a wedding! On August 4, 1984, Tim and Joy were married."

Daddy and Mama celebrated their 25th anniversary in February/March with a ski trip in Colorado and a cruise to Mexico. Today and tomorrow they are vacationing at the beach (Outer Banks). We love you, Daddy and Mama!

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Connie Leis said...

Happy 25th Anniversary Tim and Joy!!!