Friday, May 15, 2009

Progress Update

Yesterday marked one week of work on our new house. At least some of the family has been out there working every day except Sunday. I (Meredith) wish I could post amazing "after" pictures, but everything is still very much in the "before" stage! We have made a lot of progress though. All of the wallpaper has been torn down, as well as the vinyl backsplash in the kitchen. Daddy was replacing one of the broken window panes in the picture below:
Elliott and Oliver worked hard pulling up the many layers of flooring that had been put down over the years:
The floors are stripped down to the original wood now, so we can begin sanding and refinishing them.
Daddy finished building the closets in the dining room and one of the upstairs bedrooms. We had planned to do the painting, but we found someone on Craigslist that was willing to do it for a very good price so we hired his crew instead. They began painting yesterday and Daddy says they are doing quality work.
The upstairs bedroom:Elliott and Oliver have learned so many carpentry skills over the years they have worked with Daddy:We were having quotes done for the roof repairs, but PaPa (Daddy's father) and Daddy were able to fix the roof yesterday! That will save a lot of money. Mama also tore up floors and pulled the left behind nails.
We bring lunch each day and eat on the front porch:
I pulled the nails left on the walls from where a zillion pictures have hung over the years. Then I patched the walls with spackling and sanded them:
Maybe our next post will look a little more encouraging! A fresh coat of paint always seems to make a huge difference in all of the houses we have fixed up.

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Connie Leis said...

Looking good! It really helps when everyone is so talented and pitches in!