Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day at King's Dominion

Yesterday we took the day off from our work at the new farm and went to King's Dominion (a fun amusement park)! We were so glad that Oma (Mama's mother) could come with us, especially since it was Mother's Day. Oma, Mama, Sheridan, and I (Meredith):
Our family loves amusement parks. We especially enjoy thrill rides and rollercoasters! Sullivan, Mama, Oliver, and I are on the far left:
Sheridan's not ready for the big rides yet, but Daddy will get her on the big rides as soon as she can stand as tall as she possibly can and meet the height requirements! Daddy says I rode Rebel Yell (a wooden coaster at King's Dominion) for the first time when I was only 3. Elliott, Oliver, and I rode all the rollercoasters, and even rode one five times in a row! We love the steep, huge drops and the upside down loops. Mama and Sheridan on the carousel:
Harrison and Sheridan on the airplanes:We always pack a lunch to eat in the parking lot. The food inside the park is sooo expensive.
Daddy bought us season passes, so we hope to go many more times throughout the summer and fall. Elliott and Sheridan:

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Connie Leis said...

Tell your mom and dad that packing the picnic lunch to eat outside of the park reminds me of when we used to go to Kings Dominion with Great Bridge Free Will Baptist church when we were much younger!!!!!
Connie Leis