Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Is Back To Normal

Although Timmy and I returned from our extraordinary 25th wedding anniversary vacation just yesterday and there is much to do in the way of catching up, I feel I must steal some late night moments to record my thoughts before they slip away. Today was like most days in this new life of farming and pulls my mind in so many directions that if I don't preserve memories quickly, they'll fade into oblivion.

Our first day home began as eventful as many others. Meredith and Oliver chose to bless me by delivering the milk but before they had driven more than a few miles, Meredith called to say the truck was overheating and she was turning around.

As they quickly moved hundreds of pounds of milk from the truck to the van, I attempted to readjust the delivery schedule to facilitate what would be a late delivery. (Meredith later commented that this ended up being a blessing in disguise because somehow one of the jars had broken before they ever returned to switch vehicles and they had no extra milk. So when they did the vehicle switch, they were able to grab an extra gallon.)

Soon after details were ironed out and the kids were back on the road, Meredith called again. She began the conversation, "We're okay, but...." (This is never good, is it?!) She continued to explain that she and a dump truck grazed eachother on a very narrow road and both shattered their side view mirrors. I tried to compose myself and simply said that we can only thank God for their safety and we'd discuss the damage later.

Calling a bit later, Meredith said that the commercial fridge where she was delivering couldn't hold all the milk this week since we added on another shareholder to that drop site. I scratched my head as I tried to figure out what we'd do with the shareholder's milk that wouldn't fit this week. A solution found, they continued on the route and finally arrived home safely.

We enjoyed a quick, late lunch, then rejoiced with Elliott as his birthday present arrived.

Within an hour or so, we hung our heads as we learned that one of the puppies ran under the van wheel and was in the process of being buried.

Oddly enough, this is a normal day for us - trials mixed with laughter and happiness.

The day closed with a pan of Meredith's delicious brownies, little ones staying up later than they should, and Oliver playing tunes on the harmonica as I relished God's goodness in allowing us to all be in the same family.

This is a good life God has chosen for us. Hard, but good! I am so blessed to spend my days with the precious people in which He has surrounding me called "family".

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