Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas in the Country


The celebration of Christ's birth.  

Is there a more exciting time of year?!

 Extra time for fun, family projects


Hearing from friends both near and far
Decorating gingerbread houses
Making yummy treats


 Even the older boys couldn't resist making a few candy turtles when passing through the kitchen.

Dressing the farm for the celebration

Updating the fridge with new pictures from friends and family

A contented mama who knows what it's like to give birth in a manger

A less stressed winter work schedule that allows for an early morning hunt
Good job, Elliott! 
         The enjoyment of involving younger kids in helping assemble topiaries 
from white styrofoam balls and boxwood clippings.

Multi-purposing the Food Bank apples and oranges for the pigs
 to first serve as ornaments on the tall cedar tree outside

Improvising with two tiny trees found outdoors when the pre-lit Christmas tree 
smoked and melted at what should have been the annual grand illumination

 Watching a documentary about Lee Strobel's "Case For Christ" 
while stringing popcorn for our make-shift indoor Christmas trees.
  Rather than a trip to Toys R Us, as has been the case for almost a quarter century, the kids all opted for shopping at Bass Pro Shop this year, complete with a Santa, shooting range games, and remote controlled trains.

Christmas - 
so much sweeter with Stephen, Meredith, and baby Margaret 
joining us as we made our rounds to the relatives' houses over the holidays
What a very joyful baby little Margaret is!
Sheridan loves spending time with her big sister.

The guys enjoyed a game of pool at PaPa and Pat Pat's house.

And Wii, too.

A very thoughtful second cousin gave Sheridan all of her American Girl
 toys from when she was young.

Margaret loves the new toys, too.
Sheridan blessed Nannie by reciting the 
Virtuous Woman passage from Proverbs 31: 10-31.

We enjoyed having Oma along with Meredith's family join us at our house for a fun,
 snacky supper while watching "Home Alone."

A great way to begin a day at the farm.  Good work, Stephen.

Sheridan got the one thing she hoped for: 
a pink BB gun.  
The pink cowgirl hat was a bonus for sure.
Stephen bought these sweet matching gowns for his two special girls.

Margaret loves books more than anything.

Amazing - it's Jesus' birthday but we're the ones getting all the presents!

Quickly becoming a New Year's tradition -
 attending the Crisis Pregnancy Center
 "Civil War Charity Ball"
We missed Elliott as he had already left for his mission trip
 to Africa several days earlier.

It's like stepping back in time with the girls in beautiful,
 old-fashioned dresses

Our good friends, Daniel and Rachel Heffington, with Sheridan and Harrison

Sullivan, loving every minute of it

Oliver, our bow tie-loving boy

Harrison and his patient partner who sweetly followed his lead although she really did know how to waltz.
This Christmas season, as others, we have much to be thankful for. 
 God has been so kind to allow us to make so many precious memories with our friends and family.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

What a wonderful holiday you had. My kids won't let me buy a plastic tree, so they go out and buy a real tree and decorate it. (They are adults). When my daughter moves to the midwest to finish college I'll miss our mad cap rush to Big Lots! to find village pieces on sale).

Your grandbaby is so sweet. Those cheeks are so chunky. So glad that Meredith and Stephen could make it up for the holidays.

I hope the rest of your winter is safe and warm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your family update and God bless you all.

TheBurns' said...

Thank you for updating! I love hearing about your family!

Bella Michelle said...

Just found your fantastic blog and I love the idea of the Civil War Charity Ball...what a fun time!!!

I can't wait to read more of your beautiful family's adventures.