Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Graduation, Baptism, Pig-Pickin', and Barn Dance

              We hosted a barn dance and pig roast in celebration of Oliver's high school graduation today.

He had completed his formal studies earlier, but due to the farm's busy summer schedule, we decided to wait until the fall to celebrate this milestone. 

Since so many dear friends and family members were gathered together on the farm, Sheridan was baptized before the "great cloud of witnesses" (Hebrews 12:1). 
Sheridan made a profession of faith several months ago and we couldn't be any more happy that she is following Jesus.

Sheridan memorized "The Virtuous Woman" found in Proverbs 31:10-31 
to share with the friends and family that gathered. 
She did a great job reciting all twenty one verses with much expression and even used the cute hand motions she had learned to help her remember each verse. I stood by her side prepared to offer a few "starting words" but she only needed a couple hints.  

 Timmy and I warned one another that it might be emotional to baptize our very last child.  Somehow though we held ourselves together until it was over and Timmy prayed.  There are no words to describe the gratefulness we have to God for His kindness in giving us six precious children here on earth.  And then to witness each of them ask Jesus into their hearts and later be baptized - we are so very grateful for God's goodness.

We were glad to have sunny skies and somewhat mild temperatures for November, but I still stood by eagerly with a blanket to wrap up Sheridan the instant she surfaced.  Elliott then carried our soaked girl to the farm bathrooms where Oma was waiting with towels, dry clothes, and a blow dryer.

We served a lunch including pork grown on the farm 
and Oliver's famous raw milk ice cream with creative names special for the event 
(just days before the election): 
"Mint Romney", "Berry Obama", and 
"Third Party Peanut Butter". 

Oliver's scrumptious ice cream was a big treat! 

PaPa speaking to Oliver as he serves the pig
Several of the sweet girls we know kindly helped with serving the food 

While everyone enjoyed their meal, we shared about the incredible blessing Oliver has been in our lives during his homeschooling years.  
Although Oliver's academic success is remarkable, our greatest joy is found in his desire to walk with God and seek God's will for his life.

Sullivan (far right) eating with his friends
Harrison was looking mighty sharp in his western outfit!

Future farmers of America

Stephen, Meredith, and Margaret Alice
After the meal, most of the crowd relocated to the barn's second floor for a barn dance.

Sweet Sheridan Anna Claire

After a nice, long afternoon nap in the farmhouse, Margaret Alice joined in on the fun!

"I want to dance too!"

Margaret looks on with admiration as her big Aunt Sheridan dances!

PaPa, PatPat, and their first great-grandbaby, Margaret Alice

After several hours of dancing, the day ended with a pie eating contest. 

What a wonderful day.  Graduation.  Baptism. Yummy food and homemade ice cream. 
Being surrounded by our dear friends and family.  
Such a gift from God.

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