Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Because our tiny church had kids in it this year (ours), they decided to put on a Christmas play. What fun!
Sheridan sang "Away In A Manger" and we, along with all the other grandparent-aged folks, smiled with delight to hear a young voice in our midst.
A family tradition has been to decorate gingerbread houses each year. Elliott and Oliver haven't been included in this project for years but joined in the fun under the disguise of simply wanting to eat candy.
(They both built really cute gingerbread houses though!)

Christmas Morning
Tim read the familiar story of Christ's birth from the book of Luke as a special TV channel crackled with the sounds and glow of a real fireplace.

Guns for the older boys, toys for Sheridan....

books for Sullivan....and a new farm work bike for Harrison.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture of Elliott playing the piano on Sheridan's new fairy tale princess book.
So glad we invested all that money in piano lessons for him years ago!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' birth!

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