Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Economics Conference 2011

Generations with Vision

Dear Friends,

We have several exciting additions to our details for the 2011 Family Economics Conference. We are over 3/4 of the way filled to capacity and have only a limited space remaining for signups, so register online now before it's too late!

Schedule Online
A tentative schedule for the 2011 Conference is now available online with titles and speakers. Also, check out our newly updated speakers page for more information on speakers.

Special Entertainment
Stay tuned for updates on our scheduled entertainment, including a performance from the award-winning Winton's Band – a supercharged father/son bluegrass band that has lived the family-integrated economic vision as they homeschool their children in California, and on the road around the United States.

Family Based Entrepreneurs

Make sure to check out our special panel on "Family Based Entrepreneurs" where real families will be sharing their stories on how they have created family businesses in various areas including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, sales, and more!

Alexander Family

The Alexander family has truly diversified in agriculture and land-based business endeavors. Natural eggs, grass-fed poultry, pork, seasonal produce, milk, tractor services, peanuts, and real estate service - the 8 member Alexander family has found plenty of business endeavors to remain busy and productive.

Hernandez Family

With 8 kids under the age of 10, Tony Hernandez has plenty to keep him busy in the home. But 8 children isn’t all the Hernandez family keeps busy with each day. As a serial entrepreneur, Tony has worked in construction, sales, printing, and various business and ministry endeavors, all in the context of his own family and vision for the kingdom of God.

Courter Family

If you didn’t think backyard manufacturing was possible, you haven’t met the Courter family. Anthony Courter has developed a manufacturing business in his own backyard to a nationally-respected, full scale manufacturing operation in the solar industry. By tediously caring for every detail of the business, involving his family, and leveraging his success to then invest in his community through relationships and mentoring, Anthony Courter and his family have developed a family economy that has equipped them to serve their community and church in many incredible ways.

Seppi Family

The Seppi family is an industrious homeschool family that has built a bee and honey business over a multi-state area. Working together, the Seppi family has established a profitable agricultural enterprise which has exposed their family to the many freedoms and opportunities of family-based economics.

And we’re just getting started folks! You'll also hear from the Chapa Family, Cheney Family, Miller Family, and more!

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Anonymous said...

We are excited about your new adventure, and continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.
much love and support to you!!
L.D. Jones and Family

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