Thursday, August 12, 2010

Farmhouse Before & After: Sullivan & Harrison's Bedroom

Although the work was completed quite some time ago, we're just now getting around to posting the last of the before/after farmhouse fix-up pictures.

This is the room that we fixed up for Sullivan and Harrison. During renovation of the house, this is where Sheridan took her pack-and-play naps.

We had the room painted and Elliott and Oliver removed the carpet and sanded the floors.

I found the old bedside table in one of the barns. Meredith embroidered the boys' names on the pillows.

Baskets and bins that store almost all the clothing are tucked under every bed in the house. It allows for more space, a less cluttered look, better organization for little people whose clothes are gobbled up by deep, dark drawers, and super easy packing. When we move or go on a vacation, we just put lids on our bins and load them in the van!


Anonymous said...

I love the after photos. You have such great taste!

Persuaded said...

Oh my goodness.... what a lovely job you've done with all of these rooms you've redone. So so so pretty- especially that porch. I would never have thought of just sewing up cushions for outside furniture out of regular fabric, but I am determined to do that for my own porch furniture. Thanks for the nifty ideas!

Anonymous said...

The whole house is beautiful and fresh looking. And I LOVE the basket idea too. It's always nice to have a bit of extra space in a kids room.