Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring on the Farm

With the arrival of the warmer weather, we were able to release the ducks that have been maturing over the winter. We were so excited to see them waddle out to the pond for their first swim.
From the time Sheridan could barely speak, she's been asking for a donkey. We are thrilled to welcome "Balaam" into our farm family. He is so sweet and follows us around the farm like a puppy.
Spring brings with it the return of a twice monthly family activity that continues through the fall: chicken processing. Elliott did an incredible job renovating the processing area during the winter. He installed flooring, additional work stations, and a wonderful water delivery system.
Although we used to dread the exceptionally exhausting work, it has become one of my (Joy's) favorite days on the farm. There is laughter, joking, and singing as we enjoy working together as a family.
Everyone has a job - except for Sheridan who is in training but is usually found talking to the calves or riding her toy John Deere tractor near the processing area.
Elliott has begun a new beekeeping venture this spring. Here he is preparing to release the bees from their shipping crate and into the hive he built.
Barely visible in the distance is Oliver's latest endeavor: blueberry bushes. He has an interest in orchards and is caring well for his new investment.

The sunsets are so beautiful at this farm that the Lord provided for us.
This spring has brought with it an abundance of fresh, creamy milk. We've enjoyed making a lot of butter with the sweet cream. The by-product, buttermilk, has been delicious in the freshly ground wheat muffins Meredith occasionally makes for our lunches.
It's so nice to see the cows grazing peacefully on the abundant pastures after the snowy, long winter.
Spring brings with it several new litters of kittens.
This calf named Lime, daughter of Lemon, just can't get enough of Tim. She follows him around and gobbles him up anytime she can.
Friends: Cow and Cowgirl greet one another
This is the first pasture Tim planted. Rotational grazing is so well illustrated here. You can see exactly where the cows have been and where they've yet to graze.
Dottie - a good milker and a great girl.
Sunday afternoons - a chance to relax.
What a good life God has given us. It brings us so much joy to work (and play) together as a family.

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