Friday, September 4, 2009

The Problem Child in Family Pictures

You'd think that in a family with eight people, the biggest problems with our family pictures would be caused by the three youngest ones. However, our problems in this year's crop of pictures are most often caused by the eighteen year old! All of the following pictures have been cropped out of the family beach pictures:


Scott said...

Hey Elliott!
Nice pictures! They should be on the Christmas cards!(He he!)

-The Wilson children

Elliott said...

Thanks. I tried really hard to look my handsomest for these pictures(heh).

Stephanie said...


Butler Family said...

One of those photos looks just like our current five year old, Joy, two years ago, at Nagshead. We thought we were successfully taking the family Christmas card photo too, but at a closer look, discovered that Joy had made monkey faces in nearly all of them. Oh the joys of large family photos!