Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day at King's Dominion

Yesterday was Harrison's 8th birthday, so we celebrated by spending the day at King's Dominion! It was so nice to have a one day vacation from moving in and the farm work. We are so grateful that our farm-hands, Hannah and Landon, are able to occasionally milk the cows for us now so we don't have to be home in time for the evening milking! Sheridan riding the carousel:Sheridan was so happy to meet Dora from Dora the Explorer (Although she looks a little nervous in the picture, she is still talking about 'holding Dora's hand' today!). We spent most of the day at King's Dominion's water park, so that is why we are in swimsuits and swim cover-ups!Harrison's favorite ride is the "Flying Eagles":
When we finally got home, we enjoyed Harrison's ice cream birthday cake!

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