Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Gallon in Just One Hour?

At church two Sundays ago, as Oliver and his friends were discussing milk, one friend explained how it is impossible to drink one entire gallon of milk in just one hour because the milk would supposedly curdle and turn into cheese in your stomach. Oliver adamantly disagreed, so his friend dared him to try it. So, this past Saturday at 4:38 PM, Oliver began his one hour of drinking milk! He is only holding a half gallon in this picture. He used two plastic half gallons because he had to go to the barn for the evening milking during his one hour. Shortly after 5:38, Elliott called from the milking parlor to let us know that Oliver really did finish the gallon in one hour! We were so happy for him, and thrilled that he would get to prove his friend wrong the following day at church. Unfortunately though, within three minutes, Elliott called again to tell us that Oliver had thrown up. And as if that weren't bad enough, it really had curdled like cottage cheese! So, on Sunday, Oliver had to agree with his friend that it wasn't actually possible to drink one gallon of milk in one hour! However, our grandmother claims she can do it, so we'll see...

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