Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Sullivan (age 12) wrote this in honor of Stephen's birthday today:

There once was a soldier named Stephen,

Who was so shrewd and brave,

Every time he drove down the street,

Everyone would salute and wave.

Before he was deployed in the Middle East,

All his friends threw a goodbye feast,

And he promised them their names he would not forget,

And that he would keep up with them on the Internet.

When he was not on the front lines, leading his platoon,

From six o'clock in the morning, till six o'clock in the afternoon,

He would blow up tanks full of enemy men,

Or pick up a machine gun and shoot down about ten.

He would fight and fight and fight and fight,

He would fight in the day and fight in the night,

Until not a single enemy soldier could stand,

And their enemy commander lost his command.

And then after all he had heard and saw,

He said, “I think I've got an interest in law.”

So he finally put down his rifle and knife,

And went back home to his daughter and wife.

He started as a lawyer but then became a judge,

As he sorted out every fight, theft, and grudge,

Until he retired at the age of sixty-four,

And went to his family, which was plus eighteen more.

And as each daughter found a husband and each son found a wife,

He moved down to Dallas, were he spent the rest of his life,

And he watched his grandchildren grow until the day he went to heaven,

And they counted them all up, and he had three hundred and seven.

I hope you like this foretelling of you,

And I hope everything in this poem comes true.


Sullivan Alexander