Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Wedding


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your family is blessed!

Amy in AL

Anonymous said...

Following your daughter's blog for a while now.
The wedding seems so lovely and all the special touches so nice. A lot of effort seems to have gone into it and the pictures are proof positive that 'elegance' is not only associated with urban weddings, it does not have to cost a lot and most of all a bride does not need to turn into a 'bridezilla' or hire a bunch of people to have a lovely wedding.
Would really like a post about the food, the decorations, all the little touches, time permiting of course.
Meredith seems like such a hard working, wise, loving young woman. You must be very proud of her and must miss her tremendously. Please know even strangers say a prayer for your family to adjust to life without Meredith, especially your little daughter to be comforted by the leaving of her big sister.

God bless you and happy New Year.

Connie Leis said...

The pictures really captured the wedding perfectly! It was such a beautiful wedding and reception! I am so glad that Sara and I were able to attend. Every time I think of yal or Meredith I say a pray for the adjustment of being away from family! Love you guys!
Connie Leis

Ruth said...

What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to you all, and best wishes for Meredith and Steven ... may they have a happy life together

Persuaded said...

Although I don't really "know" any of you in the RL sense of the word, I couldn't help blinking back a tear or two as I scrolled through these pictures. Our family is approaching the "time of weddings" and I only hope to see my girls as happy and contented on their special day as Meredith obviously was on hers♥

Thanks so much for sharing... the pictures and your life!

SarahElisabeth said...

Thank you for posting all these beautiful pictures and for the encouraging post about costs. The reception at your farm sounds ideal and a great to be married from home.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding. Love Meredith's gown! I hope Meredith continues to share her life with those of us who have followed her for years on this blog and on STSAH.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing all the details as I know one day (all too soon) it will be me (please NOT too soon I pray).

Time goes by so fast how easy it is to remember my own wedding, and even high school graduation, life is but a vapor.

Your family has been a blessing for ours and I hate that our paths do not cross too often....

I have often thought of you and your precious industrious family since the days I attempted to have "secret sisters" and you sent a card in the mail. The joy of your own spirit amazed me as I was able to feel it through a card received in the mail--what a testimony you are to other women!

I have even thought of naming one of my own daughters (if God allows any more) Joy as I asked Keith does a name like that indicate their joyous spirit as it seems to in your own life?

I pray our family can be such a living testimony as your family--some day!


Anita Kilpatrick

Anonymous said...

Meredith and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander:

Thank you so much for including your beautiful daughter's and new son-in-law's wedding pictures--it is so lovely to see two people so much in love and have such a beautiful wedding that reflects that love. I do have a question thought, the explaination of which I may have missed: Who are the small army of precious little girls in white and what was their function? It's so beautiful and I'd just like to know what their function!