Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Weekend

We had the unexpected treat of a visit with Meredith a couple of weekends ago. Her visa was delayed so Stephen had to return to England without her.

During her wait, she was able to fly to Virginia to spend a long weekend with us. We enjoyed our time with her so much. It was so nice to talk about the wedding, the excitement of her first few weeks as a wife, and the happiness that awaited her in England with Stephen.

Our family had become severely "dessert-deprived" since Meredith left so she baked us some treats.

It was like old times as Meredith joined us for our weekly trip to Denny's to eat the free meals we won last summer. Whereas the rest of us are really burning out on the Denny's menu, Meredith had just enough of a break to actually be excited about the pancake feast.

A visit wouldn't be complete without the snacks, candy, and laughter that family game time brings.

While Meredith was in town, Elliott offered to take us out to eat in appreciation for all the help we gave him last year during chicken processing season. We'll sure miss Meredith on chicken processing days. Although hard to imagine, those days are some of our funnest here on the farm as we tell jokes, listen to great music, and work together happily as a family in the processing area.
Before we knew it, our fun weekend was over and it was time to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye was much easier this time for all of us....

except sweet little sister Sheridan, who sobbed like the last time Meredith left. She loves Meredith so much and misses her terribly. How blessed she is to have a house full of sweet brothers who love her!


Anonymous said...

This post was so sweet, Joy. I can't imagine what a special time it was having Meredith home again. I tear up every time I hear of how much Sheridan is hurting because she misses her sweet sister so much! We miss her, too!


Jenna said...

I'm so glad that you were able to see her for a wonderful long weekend:)

Would you be willing to share your Farmhouse Cheddar cheese recipe that you made for Meredith's wedding? We have a Jersey cow that we do raw milk shares on and have extra on the weekends...we make butter, yogurt, ice cream and mozzarella but I would love to make Cheddar!

Thank you!

Connie Leis said...

What a wonderful thing that you got to spend some time with Meredith before she headed to England. God blesses us in so many ways!